Food Innovation Center

Collaborating for a healthier, hunger-free world.

Innovation Incentives

Speed networking at annual meeting New collaborations and approaches were inspired by participation in the first annual meeting of the Food Innovation Center held August 31, 2010. To build on the meeting's momentum, the center issued a request for proposals for planning grants to support innovative first steps toward improving life quality through food.

Projects funded at $10,000 each:

  1. Zinc Deficiency Contributes to Chronic Systemic Inflammation in Obesity
     *Daren Knoell, Pharmacy (PI); Mingjie Liu, COM; Qinghua Sun, CPH & Med; Martha Belury, EHE; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Robert Murray, COM
  2. Planning Towards an NSF-IGERT in Urban Food Security and Nutrition
    *Parwinder Grewal, FAES (PI); *Cheryl Achterberg, EHE; *Steven Clinton, COM; *Amy Cohen, Law
  3. Rapid Assessment of Third Frontier Funding Opportunities for Food Innovation Center Faculty Members
    *Valente Alvarez, FAES (PI); *Stephen Myers, FAES & OBIC; Food Innovation Center; Barbara Vieira, OBIC; Shannon Hollis, OBIC; Elysabeth Bonar Bouton, OBIC

Asterisk* before name indicates FIC faculty

Brainstorming session