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Innovation Initiatives

The FIC Innovation Initiatives support multi-college teams building on our existing team awards or in new collaborative research projects. Following on discussions at the 2012 FIC Annual meeting, proposals were required to be in the areas of food security, behavior change, campus and community nutrition, value-added foods, functional foods, commercialization of food IP, or nutrition and immunity.

2013 Innovation Initiative Award Winners

The following teams received up to $50,000 in funds. Teams included 34 individual collaborators from 10 different colleges and VP units, and 3 community partner organizations.

  1. Prospective open pilot of low vs. higher dose vitamin D in D-deficient asthmatic children: Does diet predict immune function and asthma symptom response to vitamin D supplementation? ($50,000)
    Barbara Gracious (PI), COM; Diane Habash, COM; Gregory Lesinski, COM; Martha Belury, EHE; Ouliana Ziouzenkova, EHE; Mark Hall, COM; Elizabeth Allen, COM; Sarah Keim, COM; Christopher Simons, FAES
  2. Mapping the Food Environment to Inform Multi-Dimensional Intervention Strategies to Enhance Community Health and Well-Being ($50,000)
    Michelle Kaiser (PI), CSW; Ola Ahlqvist, CAS; Morton O'Kelly, CAS; Jill Clark, Glenn School; Rick Hicks, Columbus Public Health; Casey Hoy, FAES; Michael Jones, Local Matters; Matthew Kleinhenz, FAES; Jack Nasar, Engineering; Kristy Rogers, Law- Kirwan Institute; David Norris, Law-Kirwan Institute; Nicholas Stanich, Franklinton Gardens; Christopher Taylor, COM
  3. The effect of early alterations in energy balance on immune markers ($25,000)
    Susan-Olivo Marston, CPH; Gregory Lesinski, COM; Tracey Papenfuss, Vet Med
  4. Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of the American Diet: National Nutrition Examination of Research Data (NNERD) ($50,000)
    Christopher Taylor (PI), COM; Colleen Spees, COM; Martha Belury, EHE; Gail Kaye, CPH; Sarah Anderson, CPH; Steven Clinton, COM; Diane Habash, COM
  5. Evaluation of functional snack foods containing soy and safflower oil on endpoints of energy metabolism in adolescents ($25,000)
    Yael Vodovotz (PI), FAES; Rebecca Andridge, CPH; Martha Belury, EHE; Robert Murray, COM

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