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Seed Grants

Food Innovation Center Seed GrantsSeed Grants support the university-wide priority of food discovery. Our Food Innovation Center brings unique broad-based expertise to the university's discovery themes as every Ohio State college has membership in this center. Seed grant proposal ideas must be innovative, create value, and lead to competitive extramural grants. We seek new team research approaches in food discovery consistent with our mission.


2013-2014 awardees

The following cross-college teams received up to $25,000 in funds to support novel approaches that aim to improve lives through adequate, safe, health-promoting food. Of the 18 proposals submitted, 9 were funded in total. Across the nine awards, 32 FIC members from six colleges and one school addressed food challenges through transdisciplinary inquiry and innovation. Thank you to all who participated in the competition, including the 20 FIC members who reviewed proposals.

  1. Green tea confections for managing postprandial hyperglycemia-induced vascular endothelial dysfunction
    Richard Bruno (PI), EHE; Yael Vodovotz, FAES; Mark Failla, EHE

  2. Molecular mechanisms of lycopene metabolites in prostate carcinogenesis
    Steven Clinton (PI), COM; Steven Schwartz, FAES; Robert Curley, Pharmacy; Qianben Wang, COM; Michael Freitas, COM; Jessica Fleming, OHS; Lei Wan, EHE

  3. Establishing vitamin A bioequivalence of provitamin A carotenoids in foods
    Earl Harrison (PI), EHE; Robert Curley, Pharmacy; Steven Schwartz, FAES; Hilary Goetz, FAES; Rachel Kopec, FAES
  4. Shelf to health: Can product formulations change our view of dietary impacts?
    Neal Hooker (PI), OAA - Glenn School; Colleen Spees, COM; Christopher Taylor, COM

  5. Mealtime behavior problems in preschool children born preterm: Associations with maternal sensitivity and executive function
    Sarah Keim (PI), COM; Sarah Anderson, CPH; Barbara Gracious, COM

  6. Evaluation of biologically relevant vitamin D metabolites in murine skin
    Tatiana Oberyszyn (PI), COM; Kenneth Riedl, FAES; Kathleen Tober, COM; Matthew Teegarden, FAES

  7. Inline control of sanitization process in fresh produce using micromachined porous medium with integrated Bio Field-Effect-Transistors (BioFET)
    Mohammad Shavezipur (PI), FAES; Wu Lu, Engineering; Gonul Kaletunc, FAES

  8. Raspberry ketone (RK) in weight loss and anti-inflammation
    Christopher Simons (PI), FAES, Yael Vodovotz, FAES; Kenneth Riedl, FAES; Martha Belury, EHE; Lisa Yee, COM

  9. 3D reporter assays for studies of drug/nutrient interaction in cancer patients
    Ouliana Ziouzenkova (PI), EHE; Don Benson, COM; Mark Failla, EHE; Jed Johnson, Nanofiber Solutions, LLC



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