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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Since its February release, the 2015 Scientific Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has sparked a national conversation about food policy and the impact of the Dietary Guidelines on the way Americans consume, grow and think about food. Dietary guidance has moved higher on the national agenda, yet there seems to be an ever-widening gap between policy recommendations and actual consumer behavior. 

In response, The Ohio State University Food Innovation Center invited leading nutrition influencers from the public and private sector to convene to amplify the need for relevant dietary guidelines that work for diverse consumers across the country in a two-part summit.


November 2014: Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit - Part 1

On November 20, 2014 the Food Innovation Center hosted "The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Preparing for the 2015 Release" at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. This timely conference considered multi-disciplinary and public/private approaches for the upcoming release of the Dietary Guidelines. Watch the 2014 summit here.


May 2015: Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit - Part 2

On May 21, 2015 the Food Innovation Center, in partnership with The Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs and National Geographic, hosted "The Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit" in Washington, D.C. The program featured nationally recognized experts in the fields of nutrition, health and public policy to elevate the importance of implementing Dietary Guidelines that feature relevant, practical and actionable nutrition guidance for diverse consumers across the nation. Watch the 2015 summit here.