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Faculty Grant Proposal Review Committee

The Food Innovation Center has created the Faculty Grant Proposal Review Committee to aid in the decision-making within its funding programs. Information regarding the committee's tasks and composition, and the FIC proposal review process is detailed below.

Committee Charge

The Committee’s principal responsibilities are to see that the Center’s grant investments support the achievement of the Center’s mission and to ensure transparency and objectivity in review processes. This includes advising Center leadership on the grant-making of the Center, thereby:

  • Promoting responsible and effective research, outreach, and education
  • Encouraging novel ideas and innovation in food systems
  • Representing the interests and perspectives of the Center’s leadership to advance the mission of the FIC

Summary of Tasks for a Committee Member

Each grant proposal review committee member shall serve a term of one year, from annual meeting to annual meeting. At the end of the term, the committee member may elect to serve an additional one-year term with approval from FIC leadership. No individual may serve more than three consecutive terms as a grants committee member. Tasks for each member of the committee include:

  • Reviewing assigned applications for funding for all Center grant competitions based on set criteria, including but not limited to the FIC Annual Seed Grant Competition, Team Awards, Cost Share Program, and Innovation Initiatives.
  • Assigning each reviewed proposal a score as necessary for each competition and providing a brief, written evaluation.
  • Attending optional proposal review meetings of the Center as necessary to advise FIC directors for final funding decisions.

Note : Committee members may participate on proposal teams, but must notify the Center of any conflicts of interest, and abstain from reviewing any proposal where such a conflict is disclosed. Committee members may decline to review any assigned proposal for any reason.

Review Process

Before the proposal review meeting, reviewers submit to FIC preliminary scores and critiques according to the rubric provided. FIC then uses the preliminary overall scores to order the reviews. Applications in the lower half are not typically discussed. This does not mean they are disapproved; a FIC director or faculty committee member may make a motion to discuss any proposal for any reason at the review meeting. Once the proposal review meeting is convened, assigned reviewers may present their evaluations and critiques if in attendance. General discussion takes place among FIC directors and faculty committee members, and applications may be re-scored. Final funding decisions are made by FIC directors, and PIs on each application are notified of such decisions by FIC staff according to the timeline specified by the RFP.

Selection of Committee Members

Nominations and self-nominations for faculty committee members will be sought from the FIC community. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the Center, one faculty representative is sought from each college within the membership FIC. The Center leadership will review all nominations and make appointments to create the committee. Additional ad-hoc faculty reviewers may also be sought in any grant competition in order to ensure proper expertise and fairness in proposal evaluations.