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Michael Leiblein, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Management and Human Resources
Fisher College of Business

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(614) 292-0071

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Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Strategy and Policy
Areas of Expertise: theories of the firm (transaction cost economics, agency theory, property rights), resource-based and strategic factor market theory, real options, industrial organization, competition, outsourcing, offshoring, innovation, economic performance

I am part of a movement in the Strategic Management Society to explore opportunities to apply our theories of strategy, organization and competitive advantage to important practice areas, such as healthcare, hunger, poverty, the management of energy and other scarce natural resources. My skills may contribute in helping to understand how the organization of incentive and monitoring devices within firms or across firms within the agricultural and food industries affects food production and the diffusion of nutritious foods across consumer segments and nations. I focus on the use of incentives, information, and different institutional devices to think about how one might design a system that guides individuals to behave in desired ways and hopefully develop valuable technology.

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