Food Innovation Center

Collaborating for a healthier, hunger-free world.

Membership Guidelines

Why should I join the Food Innovation Center?

We invite and encourage you to join us as we improve global life quality by inspiring sustainable multidisciplinary food solutions. We advance both research and the reputation of Ohio State by bringing together the university and our stakeholders in transdisciplinary discovery, learning and outreach efforts. This improves the health and well-being of Ohio, the nation, and the world. We welcome your contributions to our collaborative effort.

Who can be a member?

We offer two membership types for those at Ohio State, Full Member and Associate Member, and an External Affiliate option for colleagues outside of the university. Applications for membership or affiliation are welcome from those who fit a category below and who demonstrate an interest in creating and disseminating knowledge about food innovation.


Full Member: Regular tenure, clinical, and research faculty with at least a 50 percent appointment and others at Ohio State with ongoing, unrestricted PI status as established by the Office of Research. Proof of status may be requested for those not in regular faculty titles. 

Associate Member: Any full time or part time Ohio State employee or actively enrolled Ohio State student in one of these roles who does not have unlimited PI status: research and clinical staff, auxiliary faculty including lecturers and clinical professors, postdoctoral and clinical trainees, and graduate students. 


External Affiliate: Professionals external to The Ohio State University who seek a relationship with FIC. External partnerships are valued, and such individuals may affiliate on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the FIC directors.

Public: Those interested in the Food Innovation Center’s efforts can follow FIC on Twitter @Food_Center or subscribe to our newsletter.

How does being a member benefit me?

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) provides several benefits and services including but not limited to:

Associate Member

  • Participate on teams applying for FIC funding according to the guidelines in each RFP. PI status for FIC grant competitions and reviewer privileges are reserved for Center Members unless otherwise specified in a competition's announcement. Graduate students meeting specified eligibility criteria may compete for travel and research funding.
  • Attend FIC sponsored annual meetings, seminars, and special events.
  • Obtain assistance in navigating resources that guide your research.
  • Build mentoring relationships and network with other FIC members.
  • Receive recognition of accomplishments via FIC channels and assistance in working with University Communications to disseminate newsworthy achievements.
  • Highlight your expertise in a member profile on the FIC site.
  • Join the FIC members' listserv and receive communications that alert you to funding and learning opportunities relevant to food.

Full Member

Enjoy the benefits noted above for Associates, as well as the ability to:

External Affiliate

  • Participate on teams applying for FIC funding if allowable according to a given program's RFP. Affiliates normally will not serve as PIs, and their inclusion on a team does not count towards fulfilling a multi-college requirement.
  • Attend select Center-sponsored annual meetings, seminars, and special events.
  • Network with FIC members.

What does the FIC expect in return?

There are no dues or fees for FIC members nor is there a probationary period.  When you join this center you agree to the following:

  • A commitment to the FIC mission.
  • Collaborating and sharing your expertise with other FIC members.
  • Acknowledging FIC in publications and other scholarly output.
  • Providing us with a web URL, PDF copy, or paper copy of publications and scholarly products relevant to the Center.
  • Including FIC org number 42031-011000 on the ePA-005 at any value (including zero percent proposal/award and effort allocation) when submitting collaborative grants.
  • Participation in our annual conference and other events congruent with your interests.
  • Responding to information requests from the executive manager or directors including calls for material for the annual report of the Center.
  • Members and affiliates will be renewed based on Center citizenship.

To apply, complete the application form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Allow a month for a decision.

Please contact the Food Innovation Center at 614-292-0229 or with any questions.

How do I opt out of membership?

Membership within the Food Innovation Center is voluntary. If you are leaving The Ohio State University, retiring, or need to opt-out of membership, please contact