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‘Biodegradable plastics’ is coolest Ohio State science story of 2019

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New 'Micro Farm' Model Tested At OSU Mansfield Urban Agriculture Project

Local participants are being trained as part of a project at the school, which recently received a $2 million grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to create a new model for urban agriculture. Read more

From Personal Tragedy to Worldwide Mission

A food science professor aims to prevent foodborne illnesses after contaminated food took the life of her young son. Read more

Green tea cuts obesity, health risks in mice

Follow-up study in people underway Read more

US adults do not consume enough protein, study warns

New research in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging reveals that older people in the United States do not consume enough protein. Read more

Ohio State project aims to mitigate food safety risks in Ethiopia

Global health project supported by $3.39 million grant Read more

How to Maintain Your Metabolism

It often slows with age, but you can take steps to help prevent weight gain. Featuring FIC member Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser Read more

8 Surprising Food Safety Mistakes You Might Be Making

Featuring FIC member Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk Read more

Benefits of a plant-based diet: Why experts say you should eat more fruits, veggies

Efforts to introduce people to vegetable-based eating can be found at Ohio State University’s 3-acre Garden of Hope. Read more

CDC investigates multidrug-resistant salmonella infections linked to raw chicken

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