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NCI Spotlight Investigator: Dr. Yael Vodovotz

Read more

Who to trust for the truth about food

Go ahead, eat those fried eggs. And add a slice of buttered toast and a side of bacon. Read more

Growing Food and Harvesting Hope for Cancer Survivors

The Garden of Hope at the OSU Waterman Farm is a complimentary community garden for cancer survivors and their primary caregivers. Read more

Why Do We Crave the Pain of Spice?

We’re no strangers to seeking heat. And we’re not talking about the playful tingle of a jalapeño but the ugly, nose-drippy, sweating from your temples kind of heat you get from Szechuanese cuisine or Nashville-style hot chicken. In Flavor, science writer Bob Holmes, dedicates a whole chapter to why we avidly chase the pain of spice, how the Scoville scale works and what really is the best remedy for a burning mouth. Holmes, in the name of science and research, samples a jalapeño, Thai bird eye chili and habanero pepper. Read the excerpt below to find out how he fairs against the heat. Read more

Mediterranean diet may decrease pain associated with obesity featuring FIC member Charles Emery

Those who eat more fish, plant proteins less likely to suffer, study finds Read more

Why McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Tastes Like Tomato Sauce featuring FIC member Devin Peterson

FIC member and director of the Flavor Research Education Center Devin Peterson tells us why McDonald's Big Mac sauce tastes like tomato sauce...even though it contains no tomatoes! Read more

Anti-inflammatory diet could reduce risk of bone loss in women

Study also found diet linked to fewer hip fractures in younger white women Read more

Rebecca Singer, new leader at Center for Innovative Food Technology, is rooted in farming

In her new position as CEO and president of the Center for Innovative Food Technology, Rebecca Singer has to deal with the entire spectrum of the food industry, from seed to package. She brings just the right mix of experience the job requires. Read more

New Study by Brian Roe Suggests Worries About Food Waste Appear to Vanish When Diners Know Scraps Go to Compost

​Efforts to educate diners, repurpose leftovers cancel each other out, study finds Read more

FIC Member Linda Saif Named Fellow of National Academy of Inventors

FIC member Linda Saif, a researcher in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine, was one of 175 academic inventors to receive the honor this year. Read more